Yahoo Says Aussie Golfer Anna Rawson is a Hot Search

Posted on December 21, 2007

According to an entry on Yahoo Buzz there are lots of searches for Australian golfer Anna Rawson. It is mostly men doing the searching. They are looking for Anna Rawson photos.
She's the next big thing. The person you'll be searching on for the next decade. You'll probably grow tired of her, but you'll still search on her name as if possessed. Behold the future! Behold Anna Rawson!

The model-turned-golfer is blowing up in Buzz, currently resting among our top 100 overall searches. That's huge, folks... Orson Welles huge. One look at Rawson's pictures and it's easy to understand the infatuation. Objectively speaking, she's quite fetching and must inspire a drooling gallery wherever she plays.

Naturally, folks are most interested in seeing photos of the gorgeous golfer. Searches on "anna rawson pictures" and "anna rawson photos" are both way above par. Also spiking are queries for "anna rawson lpga" and "anna rawson model." Men dominate the lookups, accounting for 88% of all searches on the lovely linkswoman.
Anna's website says she is currently a member of the Ladies European Tour. She's been playing golf since age 13.

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