Sinkhole Swallows Golfer in Illinois

Posted on March 12, 2013

Here is a bizarre golfing story. Mark Mihal, a golfer in Illinois and founder of golfmanna, was swallowed by a sudden sinkhole on the golf course in Waterloo, Illinois. The sinkhole was 18 feet deep and about ten feet wide. Mihal dislocated his shoulder in the accident, but survived after a friend helped pull him to safety.

Lori Mihal tells the story of her husband's fall into the hole here on golfmanna.
Mark has always been claustrophobic. He was beginning to panic and was in shock; he was also in excruciating pain. The clubhouse respondents brought a 12-foot ladder, which they put down the side of the hole and propped on a mound of mud within it. However, Mark was another six feet below that level and had dislocated his shoulder during the fall; he only had the use of one arm and couldn't pull himself up to the ladder.
Lori says the fall reminded her of a scene in Space Jam when Michael Jordan suddenly vanished into the ground while golfing. Hopefully, the course will be thoroughly inspected for any other weak spots in the ground that could catch golfers by surprise. Here is CNN's report on the incident. Take a look:

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