Golf Products

Golfers Can Surf With Their Clubs on the GolfBoard (June 1, 2015): The GolfBoard is a motorized surfboard-like scooter that golfers can ride on with their golf clubs.

Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus Launches Ice Cream (February 26, 2015): Golf legend Jack Nicklaus has partnered with Schwan Food for a line of ice cream.

Jack Nicklaus Launches Golf Ball Line (October 9, 2013): Jack Nicklaus is introducing his own line of golf balls. There are three golf balls in the collection to accommodate three skill levels.

First Golf Club Begins Using Hovercraft Golf Cart (July 31, 2013): Windy Knoll Golf Club is the first golf club to being using the BW1 Hovercraft golf cart

Mercedes-Benz Designs Luxury Golf Cart (July 26, 2013): Mercedes-Benz has designed a luxury golf cart, the Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart

Waitt Company Acquires Bobby Jones Brand (May 24, 2013): Waitt Company has acquired the Bobby Jones brand from W-Diamond Group Corporation.

Odyssey Debuts New Metal-X Putters (March 21, 2012):

Fore Inventors Only Finalists (November 27, 2007):

Golf Balls: Will They Blend? (October 5, 2007):
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