Golfers Can Surf With Their Clubs on the GolfBoard

Posted on June 1, 2015


Golfers can carry their clubs on a new motorized scooter that resembles a surfboard called the GolfBoard. The GolfBoard has a place for a golfer's clubs on the front.

The GolfBoard is powered by a "4 wheel drive posi-traction drivetrain." It is controlled using a thumb throttle or wireless handheld remote. It uses surf tires so it won't tear up the grass. The company says it can go up to 18 miles on a charge. It has a maximum speed of 14 mph.

The Golfboard costs $6,500 to buy. There are two versions, the CouseBoard and SportBoard. The company is marketing them to golf courses and resorts which can then rent them to golfers.

Photo: GolfBoard

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