Celebrity Golf

Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus Launches Ice Cream (February 26, 2015): Golf legend Jack Nicklaus has partnered with Schwan Food for a line of ice cream.

Michael Jordan Criticizes President Obama's Golf Game (November 6, 2014): Michael Jordan criticized President Obama's golf game during an interview.

Media Backlash Over President Obama's Golf Outing With Tiger Woods (February 19, 2013): President Obama went on a golf outing with Tiger Woods last weekend.

Donald Trump Opens New Golf Course in Scotland (July 10, 2012): Donald Trump has opened his golf course in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Video: President Obama and Former President Bill Clinton Go Golfing (September 24, 2011): President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton took up a round golf today at the Andrews Air Force Base golf course.

Tiger Woods Withdraws From Players Championship (May 12, 2011): Tiger Woods withdrew from the The Players Championship on Thursday after nine holes.

Charles Barkley Breaks His Club (May 6, 2011): Charles Barkley broke his golf club with a terrible swing.

Michael Jordan Looking Forward to MJCI 2012 (April 23, 2011): Michael Jordan appears ahead of the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational (MJCI) in the photograph above.

Jack Nicklaus Sinks 100 Foot Putt (August 12, 2010): Jack Nicklaus, 70, sank a very long 100 foot putt at a charity golfing event in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Journalists Scrutinize Obama's Golf Game (December 31, 2008): CNN's Jeanne Moos takes a look at President-elect Barack Obama's golf game.

Donald Trump Sues Town For Blocking Golf Course Improvements (December 27, 2008): The L.

Justin Timberlake Cuts Deal With Callaway Golf (November 24, 2008): Pop star Justin Timberlake has landed an endorsement deal with Callaway Golf.

Golf Course Designed by Jack Nicklaus in Neiman's Christmas Book (October 7, 2008): One of the items in this year's 2008 Christmas Book from Neiman Marcus is a golf course custom designed by Jack Nicklaus.

Halle Berry Celebrity Golf Classic (January 18, 2008): DCO and Associates and the Jenesse Center have announced the first annual Halle Berry Celebrity Golf Classic, scheduled for April 28, 2008.

No Billion Dollar Golf Course for Donald Trump? (December 7, 2007): The BBC reports that Donald Trump's ambitious plans to build a billion dollar golfing complex in Aberdeenshire have failed.

Who are Hollywood's Top Golfers (November 12, 2007): Golf Digest has posted a list of the 100 Top Hollywood Golfers.

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