Bubba Watson Joins Oakley Golf

Posted on January 6, 2013

Bubba Watson Oakley

Oakley, Inc. announced the addition of Bubba Watson to its roster of professional golfers. Watson is wearing Oakley Performance Golf Apparel in the photographs.

Watson said in a statement, "Oakley gets it. I'm proud to join their family because they love the game and they never stop pushing technology to make the game better. Whatever they can do - whatever can be done - Oakley will do it. I respect that. Oakley has the kind of attitude I connect with. It's about keeping it fun but staying locked-in on achieving the best, even when it means taking chances. Oakley doesn't get bogged down with the kind of thinking everybody else is stuck on. They respect the game as much as I do, and they take good care of their family. That's why I'm happy to join them."

Bubba Watson Swinging in Oakley Gear

Here's a Monty Python like welcome. Take a look:

Photos: Oakley

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